Weekly Astrology Forecast 6/30

Cancer — Two of Cups

If anyone loves love, it’s you, Cancer. Things seem to be going your way during your season! The Two of Cups brings you partnership, cooperation, new, if not lasting love. Your cup is overflowing, and so is theirs. Remember to be cooperative and agreeable with yourself and others. It’s okay to have boundaries, but try not to get in your own way, and allow this abundance and sustainable loving energy flow. This isn’t a time to scare yourself into recluse.


Be gentle with yourself, Cancer! Vulnerability can be scary, and it may take some time to adjust to the reality that the things that dig deepest will root and flourish. Be mindful of how you feel, and honor it. Show yourself extra attentive care and compassion during this transition.

Leo — Queen of Cups, Reverse

Make sure your emotions and ego are balanced this week, Leo. If your heart and ego are at war, you might want to simmer down and ground yourself. If you’re feeling withdrawn, moody, or have noticed yourself lashing out at others, namely those you care for most, it may be time for your to get reacquainted with your own company. It’s easy for a passionate, lively Leo to get caught up in the mania of experimenting with other people’s thoughts and feelings, but it might be time to take a moment to check on yours.

Distinguishing yourself from those around you will serve you well. Make sure you know what you want, what your feelings and opinions are. Don’t let them blend with those around you to make others comfortable. That’ll produce a ticking time bomb in the long run.

Read the Energy

Use your discernment. Trust that you have a good enough sense to tell you when to fall back and check in with yourself.

Virgo — The Hanged Man, Reverse

Similarly to Leo, it is time for you to withdraw and reflect, Virgo. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. It isn’t in your best interest to hold yourself hostage to your own expectations. It is important to acknowledge our role in things, even if it compromises our idealism and perfectionism.

You can’t always be the victim, Virgo. Your hands get dirty, too. He-said-she-said and blame gaming won’t fix your problems, only deepen your woe. You need to discern whether you want to heal and grow, or whether you want to revel in the drama of being down.

Already There is Value

Perhaps the issue is rooted in your self worth, Virgo. Anxiety and expectations can procure a pretty convincing delusion that if we are flawed, most especially if we admit to it, our loved ones will no longer value, love or respect us. It is important to reflect and find a balanced view in life, especially in the face of adversity.

It is important to remember that you are valuable, helpful, and appreciated by your loved ones, even when you aren’t feeling your best.

Libra — Queen of Pentacles, Reverse

It’s time to focus, Libra! You’ve been dissociative lately, and you are in need of grounding. Focus on ways to feel gratified in your career and talents.Try to find harmony between work and home, it may be time to go out less, and redirect some of that energy towards enhancing your environment so you can get your best rest and wake up your best self.

You’re ruled by Venus, after all. Beauty, charm,and symmetry are fundamental parts of who you are. Clean your space, organize, make sure to treat yourself to fresh fruits and treats that please your palette. Don’t forget to root yourself in your body with breathing exercises, deep stretches, using your favorite skin care products, meditation and prayer. You’re high maintenance,Libra, don’t forget that starts with you!

Higher Will

You’re gifted and driven by a higher purpose, Libra. Whether it is your love for art and beauty, your devotion to your friends, self expression, or hedonism, you have a Northstar that guides through life. It is important to trust your path and purpose, and remember the balance of power is discipline and surrender.

Discipline yourself to be strong and wise enough to know when the surrender to your Higher Will.

Scorpio — Ace of Wands

Opportunity is all around you, Scorpio. Make sure you’re putting your eggs into the right baskets, and not all in one. While a lot is coming into fruition for you, you’re learning you’ve planted a lot of flourishing seeds while reaping your sow.

Not all apples are good, and honey is known to catch more flies than vinegar. The sweetest fruit isn’t always the most nutrient. Take note of what nourishes you, and what excites you, and plan accordingly. You don’t lack capacity or resource, Scorpio, just make sure you don’t lack foresight, either.

Unconditional Trust

You are guided and protected. That intuition didn’t manifest from nothing, Scorpio. Trust in your intuition, and trust that everything is happening for a reason. Where it is hardest to surrender, there is the most to gain.

Sagittarius — Emperor

You can’t control everything, Sagittarius! I know we are shooting for the moon, but it’s okay to land among stars. All steps in the process are important. It is important to feel stifled, and like we have fallen short, so we can propel ourselves into success.

The setbacks, opportunities for reflection, and learning lessons are what bring forth the transformative whirlwind we crave. A brand new outlook and whole new world is yours as long as you’re willing to be uncomfortable, uncertain, and patient long enough to find wisdom of the adversity before you. Before reward comes sacrifice.

Melt into Divine Desire

If you want stability, claim it. If you want freedom, claim it. Either way, it is on the other side of hard work. You will have to find some maturity and incentive within yourself to make shit happen this week. You know you wouldn’t want it if it were easy, anyway, so save the complaints.

Capricorn — The Tower

There’s quite a bit of upheaval in your life right now, Capricorn. I know you’re most comfortable being the master of your own domain, but this is probably a good time to practice detachment and ease. Allow what is not for you to fall away, even if it is loud and/or destructive.

This purge and sudden change is for the better! No matter how unnerving it may seem now. There is illumination and understanding on the other side of chaos. Don’t forget, destruction is the starting point of all growth.

Original Self

It is possible that this upheaval is to tear down any facades or gateways to dissociation in

your life and bring you back to your Original Self. Self control is in integrity and authenticity. Let go of what no longer services you.

Aquarius — Two of Wands

Being action-oriented pays off, Aquarius! Employing effort to dreams turns them to reality. Implement a good balance of planning with your nature of going with the flow. Having a clear vision of the path ahead will alleviate any frustration or confusion that may come your way.

Be courageous and curious, investigate your options, take time to consider which is your best one. Avoid a fear of missing out, you can explore all your options, even if you implement your focus into just one.

Pisces — Six of Swords

It’s time to lighten the load, Pisces. You’ve been carrying more than what’s yours, lately. Empathy isn’t an excuse to take other people’s problems as your own. Don’t be a glutton for punishment if you don’t have to be.

This is a good time to reflect on the past and observe how it compares, or even contrasts from the present to identify patterns and places you have grown. Be mindful that you may be extra sensitive during this transition, and that is okay. You are not only outgrowing old and obsolete patterns, you are also growing into new patterns and perspectives that challenge your old beliefs and identity.

Tiger Spirit Rises

What you are leaving behind is dead weight. There is no more nourishment or fulfillment left in it for you. While getting rid of attachments is challenging, it will all make sense when you are able to tap in and identify with connection.

You are on the rise, Pisces. You are ascending past dated ways of thinking, past limiting beliefs, and most importantly you are ascending past old versions of yourself.

Aries — Three of Wands

Be weary of short sightedness, Aries! It’s always easier to see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. The easiest foe to make is yourself, standing in your own way can be very challenging to overcome. Be attentive, alert, and truthful with yourself.

Headstrong, domineering Aries needs to beware of lying to themselves in an attempt to force their narrative. Sometimes we have to wait for the right thing to come along, not expect it out of what’s in front of us.

Wild Compassion

While you are seeking control, please be mindful that the people around you are only human. They may not know to provide validation or recognition if you don’t tell them something is important to you. They may fall short of your expectations, trying to meet their own or even just get by.

Be gentle with others, Aries, and most importantly, be gentle with yourself. You will feel less inclined to seek external validation if you give yourself the time and attentive care you need and deserve.

Taurus — Judgement

A lot of transformation and introspection for you this week,Taurus! It’s time to be honest with yourself about your sow. Have the fruits of your labor brought you nourishment, fulfillment, pleasure? Perhaps poison to lead you to your rebirth?

Your surroundings are a direct choice of your decisions lately? Do you like where you are at? It isn’t too late to change your ways. If you like where you stand and what you have sown, make sure you follow through strongly.


You are empowered in your actions. They produce a direct result. Whether correlation, or causation, you are able to identify a source of your outcome within yourself. Make sure you are employing your power to do the ultimate good for yourself. Self destruction can be healthy, so long as you don’t end up in ruin and find yourself starting over time and time again.

Gemini — The Sun

Embrace the sensitivity of your inner child this week, Gemini. Spend some time in the sun, put your feet in the water, explore what’s around you. Meet new people, put some energy into art, create something that makes you feel seen or heard and valid. Get comfortable with being vulnerable and unapologetic, allow yourself the release of being your true self proudly.

The fog has cleared and the rain has passed. Let things be about you and how you express yourself. Give yourself permission to be the main character.


I’m sensing self acceptance has been a challenge for you lately, Gemini! This week should bring you some ease, and I think you will be surprised at how well received you are by your loved ones and peers.

I have a feeling this week you’ll have a bit more comfort and ease with yourself and because of that, an easier time socially and in your interpersonal relationships.



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